Privacy Policy

Personal Information Collection and Use

Data on the site is used according to our policy expressly and only for the purpose of serving visitors, prospective and current clients and responding to inquiries. Offering information to answer prospective client questions and contact requests. By contact ingus via phone or through a submission on our site, or the act of reading web content on our site creates no attorney-client relationship.

Collection of general and personal information:

  • Contact info
  • And as most websites, our site obtains info to provide improved user experience through detecting IP address, detecting browser (like whether you came to our website on Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Chrome) as well as a number of other things such as which website led you to our site and which website you landed on upon exiting our website.

This information that is general and personal information is specifically used to

  • Fulfill information requests
  • Accept requests for contact
  • Send requested information
  • Send information updates
  • Answer customer service requests
  • Help with client account in such instances where such account is present
  • Answer questions in resolving questions clients or visitors might have about our site or their legal case.

Disclosure of General and Private Information to Third Parties

We provide personal information according to a limited sharing to third parties directly and strictly according to a visitor, prospective client, or client’s request for information about bankruptcy and in order to assure that the receiving attorney can better assist with your experience. As this website is attorney advertising, the attorneys represented on this site pay for inclusion.

Technology for Website Tracking

Web Cookies

Our site uses web cookies in the most optimal possible way to help web experience Using web cookies offers info that is only general regarding usage of the site and personal in when viewing websites outside of ours. General info about statistics does not include any personal information which could be connected to you personally.

Personal Security Information

The website security undertaken is solidly designed with serious efforts regarding sensitive information. Our site adheres to specific generally accepted security internet standards to protect personal info as well as which protects information of any personal or sensitive nature which is submitted in our site. If you should have any questions about security, you’re welcome to email us at the following email

Other Information

Potential For Changes in Privacy Policy- Notification About Future Privacy Policy Changes

We reserve the right to update our privacy statement as we deem necessary from time to time to reflect additional updates and any additional changes to the website data collection as well as regarding personal information practices of security. Check back for updates if you have questions.


Contact us about our privacy policy by writing us at the email: