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You do not need to allow debt to destroy your financial life. Your local attorney can assist in becoming debt free to best get you on track for a financially free life both today and tomorrow! So many good families and individuals call a law office only after they have spent months struggling or even a period of years trying to get on track. In many cases, these people could have resolved financial issues months or years earlier in as short a period of time as just weeks or months to get their lives back on track!

Our Kent Bankruptcy Law Firm Can Help:

  1. Call us to Stop Collection Phone Calls.
  2. Call us to Stop Collection Mail.
  3. Learn from us how to Prevent Bank Garnishments!
  4. Quickly Get Options for Stopping Existing Bank Levies.
  5. Stop Lawsuits with Bankruptcy!
  6. Stop Wage Garnishments.
  7. Stop Foreclosures
  8. Stop Vehicle Repossessions.
  9. Preserve Your Kent Washington Small Business.
  10. Learn About Options for Eliminating IRS Debt in Some Cases.
  11. Get Your Health, Happiness and Your Sanity Back!

Through bankruptcy, you can discharge unsecured debt, such as medical debt, credit cards, and other loans or lines of personal credit in the form of payday and personal loans, and much more.

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The attorney will make things as simple and helpful for you in getting your financial life back on track. You can get started and learn options for your individual situation through a bankruptcy consultation and how filing bankruptcy could solve your financial problems. Call for a complimentary, no-obligation case review. You will quickly discover that the attorney is concerned and cares about your financial security. For this reason, you will be able to discover the best option for your best possible financial outcome.

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The attorney is available to help you receive immediate relief in whatever way possible and in the most affordable, and best way possible to solve your financial difficulties.

Personalized Attention For Your Situation

Your attorney will help you receive personal attention which has been uniquely tailored for your unique financial situation. What that means for you is that you will be able to have the necessary time for the attorney to learn and consider your financial issues and which legal solutions offer you the best protection for your assets while minimizing your liabilities. You don’t need to be surprised for this reason to hear the simple question: “What problems have got you considering the option of bankruptcy?” Another common way to discover the root issues might be: “What problems are plaguing you financially?” Your answer for these questions brings out basic financial struggles to help the attorney understand what is hurting you and how your financial concerns can be answered and solved moving forward. The attorney will seek to discuss questions regarding your finances such as your debts, your assets, as well as ongoing financial payments and obligations like your income and mortgage payment, auto payment, etc. As the attorney  better understands your issues and what is important for you financially, you will receive better customized legal advice to make the best financial decisions to have a bright financial future.

Personal Bankruptcy, Should I Avoid It?

The answer to this question is mixed, because the answer will depend on your goals and your situation. If you are facing an uphill battle, then that alone won’t be the reason that should tip you over the limit to file. Instead, you should consider your situation in totality of the events that led to it, the current financial outlook, and your goals for the future with your finances.

For example, if you were considering your options for getting the good credit that you need in order to buy a home, then you would want to assess your current score. Usually people looking to rehabilitate their credit will find that the process does not always come easily. You will want to consider multiple options. For example, if you were to consider a true form of credit repair and you were being sold a program that did not involve any kind of encouragement for you to change habits, or get back on track and make ontime payments, then you would likely be sold a bill of goods. Consider reputable sources for your information that do not promiss get rich quick schemes or get perfect credit overnight type schemes.

If you have horrible credit now, then it is unlikely that doing nothing will lead to things falling off your credit like some people believe. Some folks who are looking to buy a home unwisely behave in a way that is consistent with a way of thinking that will lead them continually back down the same wrong road. You will find that if you think you can just wait for things to fall of your credit then you may find that you will still be waiting while you are in the ground. And this ground will be found at the county cemetery and will be the burial of a person who is not a homeowner.

Bankruptcy Should Never Be First Choice

Most people consider filing bankruptcy only after stewing and striving and making difficult choices and sacrifices for months, and even years. In other situations, the situation financially implodes in a way that is so fast that it leaves heads spinning. After much prayer or considering the pros and cons of bankruptcy, you may arrive at the point where you would like to request a free consultation with a Kent bankruptcy lawyer. Our team can help you learn about your options and consider whether a non-bankruptcy alternative would be a better route for you.

We realize that we would file more bankruptcy cases if we were to just recommend it to everyone who calls our law firm. But instead we have found that if we are honest and shoot straight with prospective clients that we will achieve better over all outcomes. We also sleep better having clear consciences before God and among our fellow men knowing that we are doing our best to do them right. We find that our referral clients are much more plentiful when our clients trust us and get the true sense that we look out for them and that we are not just trying to get them to file bankruptcy in order to enrich our own wallets personally. We would never want someone to feel that we are enriching ourselves to the detriment of the client. Instead we want our clients to feel powerful relief and we want them to realize that we seek their best interests.

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