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Bankruptcy Helps Now:

  1. Stop Collection Phone Call Harassment.
  2. Stop Collection Letters.
  3. Prevent or Fix Bank Garnishments!
  4. Stop or Prevent Lawsuits!
  5. Get Rid of Wage Garnishments.
  6. Stop Evictions, Stop Foreclosures, & Repossessions.
  7. Stop Home Foreclosure!
  8. Preserver Your Business.
  9. Erase Some IRS Debt that is Dischargeable!
  10. Get Your Sanity Back!
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Through bankruptcy, you can discharge unsecured debt, such as medical debt, credit cards, and other loans or lines of personal credit in the form of payday and personal loans, and much more.

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Can I Bankrupt Out Of Child Support?

The process of filing for bankruptcy is not one that is undergone with a light heart by anyone. It is a decision that is usually reached after several months and perhaps even years of struggling under the weight of various debts. After a while when you have come to the decision that a bankruptcy is simply the only way out, you will likely begin to ask your Clarksville bankruptcy attorneys questions to determine exactly which debts you can expect to be discharged from.

The process of filing for and receiving discharge in bankruptcy is contained in the federal bankruptcy code as well as the laws of the states. Although there are some differences between states sometimes, the law regarding bankruptcy is mainly uniform. When it comes to child support, the articular effects that filing a bankruptcy will have on your obligations will be dependent on the particular type of bankruptcy that you have chosen to file. There are a number of different types of bankruptcy that may be filed, as provided for in different chapters of the federal bankruptcy code, but the most common ones by far; and the ones you are likely considering, are those contained in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the federal bankruptcy code.

The type of bankruptcy provided for in Chapter 7 of the federal bankruptcy code is designed to completely discharge a person from their debts, upon the recognition of the fact that they simply cannot pay them off and will not likely be able to do so in the foreseeable future, if things continue as they are.

It is intended to give heavily indebted persons a completely fresh start. One of the features that it has which might not be so attractive to you is that there is a possibility that assets could be sold to settle as much of the debt and as many of the creditors as possible. A bankruptcy trustee is usually assigned by the court to oversee the process, with discretion in matters like sale of assets and order in which creditors are to be paid.

Child support is not dischargeable under chapter 7 bankruptcy because it is considered a priority debt. Priority debts are debts that are not affected by filing for bankruptcy. Since child support is considered a priority debt, chapter 7 bankruptcy would not affect your obligations to pay them as they become due. In fact, the automatic stay that is granted by the court protecting you from all actions by your creditors does not affect child support obligations. Actions can still be brought against you by your child support creditors in order to gain payment through your non-bankruptcy estate.

Another way to look at it is that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy would help you in discharging your obligations in relation to other debts. Thus helping to free up your income in order to enable you pay your child support obligations.

In its own case, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is intended for people who are still earning some income, but who have too much debt to settle, in the current arrangement. It is designed to help a person to reorganize and restructure their debt so that they will have a realistic chance at settling their debts as soon as possible, usually within a few years. This is usually beneficial for people who have a target they are trying to meet; such as a mortgage, rather than seeking to discharge the entire debt. The court will supervise the bankruptcy and payments and at the end, a decision will be made on what ought to be done.

One of the benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that it helps to organize the repayment of your debts. It can thus help you to get caught up on your child support arrears at the expense of other unsecured debts. In the repayment plan, child support would be given more priority than other unsecured debts. This is due to the fact that most people would prefer to fulfil their obligations in relation to their children than their credit card debt.

After making the decision to file for bankruptcy in order to sort out your child support obligations, it is essential that a bankruptcy lawyer be contracted to advise on the position of things and the best course of action that is available, with the highest likelihood of bringing things to a conclusion that is favorable to the debtor. The lawyer should be one who can demonstrate extensive knowledge of the bankruptcy code and its practical intricacies, as well as a history of getting good bankruptcy resolutions on behalf of his clients.